...like the day of Noah

"It is fulfilled!"

...like the day of Noah

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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ our Lord,

We live in a time where the world and its way is like the day of Noah where everyone went around eating and drinking and enjoying life. Right up to the day that the flood came and swept them away.

So it will be in these last days, people will be eating and drinking and marrying untill the day of Lord comes.

And on that day, there will be no more chances to repent. For judgements will be set.

Therefore we have to ask ouselves the hard questions everday. Am I on the narrow path? am I putting Jesus first today? Or am I yeilding to my flesh and drifting into slackness regarding the work of the kingdom?

Lukewarmness is not tollerated in the Kingdom and those who have lost their saltyness to the world will be cast out and trampled under foot. For what use is a believer to the kingdom if his actions do not line up with the truth?

Be warned all dead wood will be cut off from the vine and burned in the fire at the end of the age.

Time to wake up and get up and put our whole minds on Jesus and not to tollerate any comfortable sins no more. For on the day of the Lord we will stand and account for every idle word we have spoken. And our words will save or condemn us.

For Jesus said "who can controll the tongue?" for the tongue is like a small fire that can light the whole forest.

Praise the Lord with his help we can and must. If we forsake ourselves and put our whole trust in him and leave all our goals, and dreams of this world and instead focus on Jesus he will fill us with his power to overcome all things including the power of the tongue.

Let us submit ourselves to our Lord Jesus and let him place on each of us tongues of FIRE. The Holy Spirit. For Jesus said "I wil not leave you orphans I am sending the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth"

So brothers we need to obey our Lord so that the tongue of fire can work in us and not be obstructed by sin or disobediance. For with the words of life from the Holy Spirit so the whole world will be set on fire if we are obediant to the spirit and forsake ourselves.

For self is flesh and following self destins us for the fire. If we sow in the flesh we will reap impurity and sin, but if we sow in the spirit we will reap life.

More than ever we need to put away our desires of our lives, put aside our pride of life and of achievements, and instead focus wholeheartedly on Jesus our Lord and submit to his guidance in our lives.

And how are we guided by our Master? Truly if we submit to him and fosake ourselves and seek his voice we will find him. But if we are still hanging onto sins, and still playing in this world you can be sure we can neither hear him nor know him.

For what fellowship can darkness have with light? Or light with darkness? Dont be decieved, those who practice sin and do not repent walk in darkness and have never known Jesus nor heard him. But those who have left their sins and come to the light seeking a personal relationship with him, will find him! Because they are ashamed of their dark deeds and come to the light to expose them.

But I know those of you who are led by his spirit will not stumble for you are in the light!! And your teacher is Jesus our master. So let us strive on the narow path to the light, fosaking all things that weigh us down leaving all worldly influences and ways and instead putting all our focus on the kingdom of Heaven and running steadfastly in this race of endurance.

Let us not fall back to any decietfull ways of this world hense being disqualified at the end and loosing the prize of eternal life but put our whole trust in the Master who leads and guides us.

Some people have forsaken the truth and say that water baptism is not a requirement from our Lord. But we must be obdediant to the Master and do his commands. For Jesus told us as deciples to go into the world and make other deciples baptizing them in the name of the Messiah. And all who believe and are baptized will be saved, but they who do not believe the words of Jesus will judge them on the last day for they reject the Messiah and also reject God who sent him.

So if any of you who believe yet have not yet been baptized in water, to go with another brother and get baptized in the name of Jesus our Messiah for the resurection to a new life and death of the old self. For if we want to be part with him we must also share in his baptism. If we suffer for him we suffer with Jesus but in glory Jesus will be gloryfied and their we will be also.

Let us wait with eager pure hearts for the return of our Lord who will come at any moment. The sighns are clear. In these last day the coming Jesus is at hand. And with him he brings many rewards. For those who are his servants and stay in the truth. With this hope let us press on even more eagerly to win souls to Jesus. Shining our testimony whenever we get the opportunity. For once we were dead and lost in this world, but now we are alive and led by the spirit!

In his holy name, Jesus bless you all

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